Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Benjamin's birthday party was filled with lots of cars, watermelon, presents, and family.
Here is my family of 3 (kind of 4). 
This was as good as we could get - our birthday boy wanted to party.

Outtake #1

Outtake #2

Schmid Family

Gibson Family 

Benjamin made sure all his cars were out to participate in the festivities.  

Taking his BFF on a ride.

Other party guests.

When it came time for opening presents Benjamin did not want to stop playing.  
Happy birthday! :)

He got over it fast once he saw his new piano from Tula and Pop.

 Rett and Ashley 

 It is always fun to see the progression of his growth over the year through pictures.  Time sure does fly! 

Enjoying an entire watermelon with Tula.

The Car Cake.
I have loved making his birthday cakes so far.  My mom always made our cakes and I have so many fun memories of seeing them for the first time. 

Benjamin had a great reaction... melt my heart.

"I'm 2!"

He was clearly over the pictures and wanted some cake.

After a quick wardrobe change, Benjamin played outside before his guests left. 

Living the dream. :)

That Tuesday (of his birthday week) his school had Donuts with Dads.  Benjamin LOVED showing up to school only to see his Daddy in the parking lot.  How cute are they!?

On his actual birthday he woke up and ate a yummy "2" themed breakfast.  It is hard to believe this was our last birthday breakfast with just us two. :(

After breakfast we met up with Tula, Aunt Amanda, Luke, and Audrey at a local park. It had a huge train, a tiny village for the kids to play in, and a Texas shaped maze - the perfect place to celebrate our little two year old.  
Benjamin loved playing on the train and acting like he was driving it.


The kids ran aimlessly for a good 30 minutes in the maze. Ben was in heaven!

Best Buds.

Luke is a huge talker and we thought it would be funny to see how long he could go without talking.  I think he lasted 12 seconds.
  Here his mama and him are playing the quite game.  Matching outfits = so cute. 

After lots of playing we headed to Benjamin's favorite restaurant...

After an adult sized fry (I have to cut him off - he loves a good waffle fry), ice cream, and milk he was ready for a LONG nap.

To top the birthday week off we had Luke and Audrey over for a slumber party.  (Amanda and Brian enjoyed a night at home with some friends.  We rotate once a month with the slumber parties.)
The kids enjoyed a wagon ride and walk to the park.  Luke quizzed Uncle Will on everything Army the entire time.  He is very into soldiers these days.

Some train time.

Audrey helped me make a home made dinner of crescent rolls and hot dogs. :)

Reading time with Uncle Will.

After dinner we hosed the ketchup off the kids in the tub.  Lots of activity... if only this picture had noise.

The next morning we were all up with the sun.  Benjamin loved having his besties over!
I know Benjamin had a great birthday week and felt super loved!!  I can't wait to see what the third year of his life will bring...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my precious Benjamin!
Time sure does fly when your a mom.  These past two years have been filled with so much love, some challenges, some triumphs, and lots of fun watching our Ben grow and grow.  You really appreciate all mothers more once you become one - especially your own.  I use to make fun of my mom every year for saying things like, "this time 18 years ago I was in labor"... now I get it.  I get that kind of love.  In one moment your life is rocked, and isn't about you anymore. It is the best thing that God has ever blessed me with and I am grateful, grateful, grateful. 
Here he is not even an hour old.

So in love.

 He's one! (and still no teeth!)

And finally, my adorable 2 year old! 

Benjamin goes to the doctor in two weeks so I will post stats then. He still seems to be tall and lean though. Benjamin has turned out to be a very complex little boy.  He is super quiet yet has some sass mixed in. (Hmm.. such a combo of Will and I. Can you guess who gave him the sass?) He is a very cautions child and likes to do things right the first time.  I think that is why he took so long to walk - he wanted to make sure he wouldn't fall.  He loves other children and playing with anything with wheels.  He loves Hank and chasing him around.  His favorite food is watermelon and Chick-Fil-A french fries.  Ben loves going to school every Tuesday and Thursday.  He runs in every morning excited to play and learn.  His speech is a little delayed and often sounds like Curious George. :) He loves giving lip kisses which has passed on some germs in the past.  We are now working on perfecting the cheek kiss and hug to avoid getting sick.  He still only has 10 teeth which is hilarious.  Where the heck are they?  He suffers from some allergies - eczema, and peanuts. (Sigh) He loves anytime Pop is in the room which has been the case since he was months old.  He enjoys a good playground and walk around the block. Everyday he discovers something new!

He loves wearing shoes and often brings them to me throughout the day.

 Ben loves hats.
He will keep a hat on for hours on end.
Go Army, Beat Navy!

Ben loves to watch tv and watches it closely. A lot of tv time is spent pulling him away from going cross eyed. :) Sesame Street, Curious George, and Dora are his favorites. 

Luke continues to be his best friend. 
He adores everything about him.  Ben would hang out with Luke every second of the day if he could.  Ben is the "quiet/laughs at everything you say" one, Luke the "talkative" one. Two peas in a pod. It is such sweet relationship to watch blossom. 

This picture sums up Ben and Audrey's current relationship.  They love to bug each other.  It is pretty hilarious to watch.  They always want the other ones toy, snack, ect.  On the other hand, they love one another.  Audrey makes sure Ben has his snack and he likes being taken care of by her.  If Audrey is playing in another room Benjamin is quick to make sure he knows where she is. They are very old married couple acting and it will be super fun to watch them grow up together.   

Benjamin loves animals. 
He enjoys watching the birds outside, dog being walked, really anything animal. 

Benjamin loves, loves his Daddy.
He also loves going on runs with Daddy and cries when the run is over.  
(So does Mommy! 45 minutes in an empty house, yes please!)

Daddy cuddles.
I am sure they were watching football in this picture.

Not trying to brag BUT he sure does love me!
My hair is his walking lovie.  He plays, twirls, and holds it any chance he can get. 
I love sharing my days with such a cutie. 

Benjamin has always been a great eater.
He loves food - milk, toast, bananas, apples, fries, mac and cheese, ect.
Can I have some jelly with some toast on the side?

Thought I would throw in what we did New Year's Eve... Ben loved it because it involved food.

Benjamin loves cars!
He normally isn't behind an actual wheel but enjoys anything with wheels.
Trains. Cars. Planes. Ect.
All. Boy.

He also loves the Aggies.
Well, I don't really know this yet BUT he WILL love the Aggies. :)
Thanks Tula and Pop for the gear!

Well, that pretty much sums up my sweet, loving, adorable, loved Benjamin!
Stay tuned for birthday celebration posts.