Sunday, April 27, 2014

Schmid Easter

 Saturday morning we continued our Easter celebration by heading to Fort Worth.
Rebecca was dressed to impress.
 The kids were excited to see Miss E and Geeb.
 Will I ever get a family photo where we are all smiling and looking at the camera?
 At the hunt.
 Miss E and Benjamin were at the front of the pack.

 Benjamin had so much fun searching for eggs.
 Loving the bonnet Miss E got her!
 Boots snuggles.
 Benjamin got to meet the Easter bunny.

 In addition to the hunt the club had lots of other kid activities.  Benjamin's favorite was the petting zoo.  It was a fenced in circle where the kids ran around like crazy chasing the animals.  The kids were loving it the animals not so much.  Ben was in heaven.

 We then waited in line to ride the ponies.  
"Here brother."
 Benjamin loves horses and cried like a baby when the ride was over.

 After the horses we headed into the club for a yummy lunch.  Aunt Lindy, Uncle Bill, Granny G, Matt, and Lauren all joined us.  The kids were, of course, spoiled with lots of attention! They are so blessed to have so many people love them.
 After naps at Miss E and Boots we headed back to McKinney for our evening church service followed by our church egg hunt. 
Benjamin loves his buddy Uncle Brian.
 Rebecca had another bonnet moment. 
Can you say precious?!

 The craziness before the hunt.  Keeping them contained was a challenge.
 The amazing family shots I got.
They are so frame worthy. :/

 One of my favs of Ben.
Busy busy day but such a fun one!
 Easter morning the kids woke up to filled Easter baskets and (another!) egg hunt.

 The Easter bunny made him work this year.

 Rebecca watched this year.
 The sky was beautiful that morning.  Such a wonderful reminder of the true meaning of Easter.
  After the hunt Benjamin and I made resurrection rolls for breakfast.
We went outside after breakfast to flip our cross to the other side.  We talked about what the day was really about and thanked Jesus for his sacrifice. Benjamin still is pretty clueless but when I was done talking he put his hands in the air and yelled "Thank you Jesus!"  He then turned to the cross and said "Jesus loves me."  
I pray his heart for the Lord grows and grows!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gibson Easter

This Easter we had so much fun celebrating Jesus by spending time with our greatest blessing - our family.  We started Friday off with a cook out at my parents. Grant was home which meant there were more laughs and more hands to help. :)
 Grant is Rebecca's godfather and has taken claim over her.  They are pretty precious when they are together.

 She sure does love him!

 G and Rebecca picture overload but they spent a lot of time together that night. :)
 Benjamin loves Odie!
 Me and my girl.
 My heart.

 Tula had hunt planned for the big kids.  They were all very excited to get their hunt on.

 After the hunt Tula (and Pop) had presents for all the kids.  Before they opened their gifts she explained the true meaning of Easter.  The cross that she was using for her story was made of chocolate. :)

 After presents the kids geared up for a game of "Peg."
 Pop explained the rules to them before starting.  Basically run and get ready to be pegged by balls.  This was my favorite game to play as a child.  Many of nights my Dad would come home from work and we would all run outside for a game of Peg.
Another generation of peg lovers.
 The kids loved it.  Love the action shots.

 These two watched from the side lines.
We had a yummy meal and headed home! I am so thankful for my family!
Stay tuned for Schmid Easter...