Saturday, June 15, 2013

San Antonio 2013

A few weeks ago we went on an amazing trip to San Antonio compliments of Tula and Pop.  We had a fun-filled, action-packed 4 days, and it couldn't have been better.
The first day was spent down on the Riverwalk.  Benjamin loved spending time with G, and was obsessed with the boat ride!

After the boat ride we headed to the Alamo.

After resting a bit, we headed back out for dinner at one of our favorite places, "Mi Tierra".  We took a trolley to get there, and once again, the kids loved it.

Mi Tierra is this over the top Mexican restaurant that has Mariachi Bands and crazy d├ęcor.  The kids were wide eyed when the band came to play for our table.

On day 2, we went exploring a bit more, before heading to our main destination, The Hill Country Hyatt.  Tula wanted to take the kids to the Texas Cultural Museum and the kids loved it.
Audrey and Benjamin spent a little extra time in bed that morning.   

Day 3 was our big Sea World day!

The kids were all super wide-eyed at every show.

The Three Musketeers 

Can you spot the real Shamu? 

Sea World was wonderful, but exhausting, so Day 4 was spent relaxing at the hotel.  We loved this hotel!  So kid friendly.

The hotel recently added a wave machine, and the guys just could not pass this up.  I love all the wipe out shots!

To end the trip we had a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant. 
I am so grateful to my parents for all the vacation memories they have given me, my husband, and now my child.  Not many families have as much fun as my family does when they are together and for that I feel blessed, blessed.  

Oh Memaw! :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rebecca Is Almost Here!

The countdown has begun... 
Here I am at 36 weeks (last week) which means technically this week I am considered full term.  I have a few contractions every night and am dilated to a 1.  I had Benjamin a week early and was never anything so I know it doesn't mean anything but still crazy to think the process has begun!

Rebecca's room is complete and I am so pleased with it! My mom was a tremendous help - heck, I was more like her helper. :) It turned out better than I had dreamed!

Above her crib is a picture of my Memaw and Mom, my Mom and I, and then I will frame one of her and I. 
Generations of mothers and daughters.

A few weeks ago my precious friends threw me a shower at La Madeline. I felt super loved and appreciate each one of them so much.  Rebecca will have so many strong, faithful women to look up to as examples and that is such a blessing!

Rebecca and Kyle are going to be best buds just like their mamas! :)