Friday, February 24, 2012


Nine out of ten times Benjamin hears those words he goes straight into ham mode.  This post is an overload of 'cheese' pictures so get ready...

(Note: Look at those gums... where the heck are your teeth kid?!)


The weather has been so nice and we have taken full advantage of it. Ben really enjoyed strolling around the neighborhood in his new ride.  I love how you looks right at the camera and smiles. :) 

Living the life.

This picture cracks me up because it the opposite of 'cheese.'  I busted out my camera (like always) and Benjamin gave me this...
I guess he was over being documented!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Great Outdoors

This past weekend, while Will was out of town, Ben, Hank, and I headed to the lake with Tula and Pop.
Benjamin was ready to go with a snack, a drink, and some snazzy boots. 

Benjamin getting some Pop time in before the cousin arrived.  I didn't capture it in this picture but he is obsessed with hats and eyelashes.  I think he played with Pop's for a long time!

New lake toy!

Another new lake toy is a pool my parents are putting in.  Construction men were working on the pool during our stay and Luke was OBSESSED with them. 
Where's Luke #1?

 Where's Luke #2?

 Where's Luke #3?

Sweet Audrey all clean ready for bed.

Story time with my two favorite munchkins. 

The next day we stopped off for some lunch before heading home.  I pulled out my camera to capture my cutey and said "cheese!" My parents and I were laughing so hard at our little ham.
Cheese is exactly what I got!

This week we went to the park with our music friends.

Benjamin got into the position all by himself and stayed put for a good 10 minutes.
Tough life kid.

We have really enjoyed some great weather and have logged many hours on our swing!

Love them.

Our Valentine's was pretty low-key since Benjamin is still clueless.  We got Ben a Valentine (and so did all his grandparents) and some chocolates. 
(Ok, I ate all the chocolates but that's what you do when your kid is 1... right?!)

Headed home from music class looking pretty precious.

Food is the center of Benjamin's universe. He loves the smell of it, the taste of it, and the sight of it.  His newest skill is rubbing food all over his hair at every meal (sigh). 
Good thing he's cute! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Haircut!

Benjamin got his first haircut a week before this first birthday compliments of his Tula!

Sesame Street and a nice big snack was all it took for our little guy to sit still so Tula could work her magic.  It turned out so cute! It was amazing that half an inch could make him look so much older.
Thank you Tula - we will be back in a few months and will be sure to bring a bigger tip! :)

Our visit fell on Luke's "Half Birthday Party" at school.  He was very excited for me to pick him up from school and insisted on wearing his crown the remainder of our stay!

Cousin wrestle time.

Uncle Rett and Audrey

The next day we took the kids to the mall for some playground time, and lunch.

"King of the Playground"

Tula bought Luke a new Buzz Lightyear shirt which turned out to be quite the hit.  I think Luke wore this shirt for a couple days straight!

Before lunch we squeezed in some carousel time.

Benjamin LOVED riding around taking it all it.

Food Coma 1.

Food Coma 2.

Food Coma 3.

On a walk with Tula and Pop.

The next day we got in some outside time...

ate some lunch and headed back to Fort Worth!

That weekend marked the first time Benjamin had a 'real,' non-family member babysitter.  I think it was time! :) Amber was great with Ben - to bad Ben has some serious stranger anxiety!