Sunday, September 20, 2015

3 Months!

Happy 3 months to this little love bug!
 Isaac is still proving to be our best baby by far!!!! I never thought someone would say to me, "wow, you have such a good baby."  I was so used to getting looks from moms feeling sorry for me because my baby wouldn't stop screaming. Ha.  I am liking it on this side of things!!  
Isaac eats 4 times a day: 7-10-1-4-7 (roughly) with 4 naps.  He is in bed by 7 and still is getting a dream feed at 10.  We are on night 3 of him going 10-7:15 and it has been amazing!!
He has started to hold light things and loves exploring with his hands.  He loves tummy time and is super strong when doing. 

 Photo flush...
Love a good bath pic.
 Teething is killing us.... slowly.

 One night we facetimed Tula and Pop to say good night and Pop answered like this.  I was laughing so hard because we were literally putting her down for the night and he was taunting her with cake.
 Benjamin made up a "Jesus song" for Isaac one morning.  Such a sweet moment.
 Dog days of summer!

 I loaded all 3 up headed to Tula for a swim.  This was my view after 2 seconds of pool time.
 My brother in law got married to a precious girl named Lauren!
We had so much fun celebrating them all weekend long.

 and got a full night of sleep!!

 My family took on our three all weekend.  Such a blessing having so many willing hands to help out!

 I don't think they missed us...
 The wedding was gorgeous. We are so happy to another Schmid in the family.

 Mermaids. Monkeys. Books. This is her heaven.
 Soccer season has started!

 I wish this picture had sound.
 Rebecca is starting to show interest in the potty.

 5 am snuggles because her teethe were hurting.
 Birthday fun for Audrey!
 Cool chick.
 Fun ride with friends on night!

 When your car breaks down on the way to Parent Orientation you hop in a friends car high school style and go grab a glass of wine. :)
 Lake bound.

 Relaxing nap.  She handles sleeping in the same room as us so well.
 This is how I want to always see her.
 Bachelor viewing party.
 Big. Middle. Little.
 Going to get my blood taken with my gang.
 Friends since the womb.

 We are wheels off 90% of the time and I couldn't feel more blessed.
Hands full, hearts full.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

School Days!

 School is now is session and all is right in the world.
We kicked things off with Meet The Teacher.
 This one was jumping off the walls.
 This one stared big eyed the whole time.
The night before school we started a new family tradition. 
Back to School Breakfast Feast
We all wore crowns since we are children of the King and feasted on a yummy breakfast.  We then went over our family's memory verse for the school year.  I have one on the refrigerator and one in their bathrooms.   
 Benjamin is very into goofy faces these days.
 The kids loved every minute.


 Finally the day came!
Rebecca is a penguin this year.  Her teachers have already taught Luke, Audrey, Benjamin, and now its her turn.  It is so special having her in their class.  She was SOO excited and ran right in.

 Benjamin is a caterpillar this year and is going Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We are blessed again with a repeat teacher who taught Luke 2 years ago.
  He was pumped to be in the big boy class and I look forward to watching him grow.
 After school pick up.  They had great days and were wiped out.

 Second day started off great too...
 and ended like this after pick up.
She will adjust. :) Just a little over tired.
We are excited to see what this year will bring!