Sunday, December 25, 2016

Fall Time Part 2!

Angry Bird obsessed.
Engagement party for Amy
We love Willow!
It is such a blessing watching my kids grow up with my besties kids.
Benjamin's soccer cheering section!
Big day for the Gibson girls -- all 3 got their ears pierced!

Thank you Tula for always creating such special memories!
TCU v. Tech
Rebecca had a blast at Ramey's birthday party.
And Benjamin and his buds had fun "spying" the whole time.
Birthday dinner for Ashely!
Benjamin got the Rachel's Challenge Friend Award at school.
Benjamin's Kinder picture... and yes, we did retakes.  
Why is his hair red, and why does he have crazy smile?!
Daddy come home!
Church fun.
My baby brother popped the question to the fabulous Jessica.  We are over the moon for them!
I am so thankful to have friends who will drop everything to help me. I have had a ton of doctor's appointments this past month and it really takes a village.  Rebecca got to hitch a ride with Ramey to school.

Swinging with these two.
I spy....
A sleeping Rebecca.
She be styling.
One of my favorites of her.
Happy Veterans Day!
 Its tough having 2 brothers.
 Cousins make the best friends.

 We had the Gahan kids for a night and I made a super comfy bed for Savannah to sleep on in my room.  She refused to sleep on it and I later found her like this. Don't worry, we moved her. :)
 Up with the sun.
 Fort Worth fun.
 Molly's bachelorette party.
 Love these babies.
 Sonic run with the Larkin girls.
 Gibson Twins.
 The tooth fairy made a visit for the first time.
 Will and I could not stop laughing at Rebecca's school pictures.

 This kid is such a light.
 Playground pals.
 It was time for Will and I to drop our kids off with Amanda and Brian.  We went to a fun movie and happen to run into Ashley and Rett who had dropped with twins off with my parents. Literally 20 minutes after I snapped this we got a call from Amanda...
 Someone had barfed all over her bed.
 She was happier about our date ending early than we were. :)