Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ben is 6!

 Benjamin turned 6 January 23rd and we had so much fun celebrating him!
 His birthday happen to fall on the day his school had their Fairy Tale Ball!
 This picture cracks me up.
 Rebecca and I had lunch with him at school and brought his favorites to eat.
After school one of his best buds, Cage, came over to play.  They had a fun birthday snack of donuts and ice cream. :)
Benjamin is a precious, precious child.  He is soft-spoken, very creative, loves building things, is kind to everyone, and has grown up a ton this past year.  He is a deep thinker and very inquisitive.  Benjamin is a rule-follower and perfectionist.  We have to work really hard on him not being so hard on himself.  
This year at Benjamin's school conference his teacher told me he is child who is aware of others feelings.  He is the first to take up for someone who is left out of a game or didn't get their turn.  With tears in her eyes she told me, "you can't teach a child the heart stuff and Ben has the biggest heart." Forget everything else, that made my mom heart so so happy.
At the doctor Ben was 46 1/2 pounds (54%) and 48 inches tall (90%).  He is still my lean, tall child built so differently than his baby brother.
Benjamin is constantly creating things - legos, art, etc.  He will take random ordinary objects and make something out of them... see candy face below. :)
He loves animals - alive and stuffed.  If ever he is able to pick out a toy and plush animal is typically chosen.  Ha.  I have attempted to "donate" a few of these animals but Benjamin knows exactly where each one is placed.  He also LOVES real animals -- Hank is seriously one of his best buds.  They are constantly playing and he even sleeps with Benjamin.
Ready to party!
 I had so much fun making his cake!

 This picture of Savannah is hilarious.
 We are so thankful for Benjamin and what he brings to our lives.  We thank God everyday for his amazing spirit and look forward to see what God has planned for him.

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